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Highly energy efficient and convenient to use, Infrared Heating is fast becoming the solution of choice for both our domestic and commercial clients in Ireland.

Proper and professional information is the key when assessing the best way to use Infrared Heaters to control your energy spend and we have carefully prepared all the details you will need on this website .

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Infrared Heaters Ireland

Infrared heating first came into vogue over 100 years ago through the use of Infrared suanas for health benefits. Infrared heating technology is not new and you could say it’s as old as the sun itself.

Domestic Heaters

Stylish and highly energy efficient Infrared Heating units that are convenient to install and flexible to use. These slimline and compact Infrared heaters will greatly enhance the comfort levels in your home.

Commercial Heaters

Infrared heaters is now the informed choice to provide cost effective heating solutions for businesses in Ireland. View our latest range of stylish and highly energy efficient Infrared Heaters for Commercial use.


heatinghouseillustrationInfrared Heating works perfectly for:

Damp / poorly insulated rooms.

Large open spaces that are hard to heat.

Where separate room by room heating is required.