Infrared Church Heaters

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Churches are difficult to heat due to the high-ceilings, large open spaces, and often poor insulation. Infrared church heaters provide the ideal solution, heating people and objects directly without needing to heat the entire building. Our Ceramicx infrared heaters are wall mounted and with the use of timers/ thermostats they can be programmed to switch on prior to mass and off again once it is no longer needed, keeping the premises and congregation cosy when the church is in use.

Infrared heating is an investment in comfort, convenience, environmental energy efficiency and building conservation. They are inexpensive compared to the purchase and installation costs of traditional heating systems.


Office Heaters

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Ceiling Mounted HeaterSLIDER3 - Comfort IR3 in whiteofficeimage

Energy Efficient Office Heaters :

Our Ceramic IR space heater consists of 3 high-emission ceramic heating elements. It is designed to gently warm people indoors using infrared radiated heat. Infrared heat is emitted from the hot surface of the ceramic heaters and warms the body directly without heating the air in between. As soon as the heater is switched on the ceramic elements start to warm up and full operating temperature is achieved in less than 10 minutes

Space heating can be used anywhere there is a requirement to heat a large volume and where the heaters themselves can be placed well out of reach. So workplaces like offices, workshops, industrial or commercial units, warehouses etc. make ideal locations for heaters of this sort.


  • Silent operation, without fumes – consequently raising no health and safety issues;
  • Cheaper installation than oil or gas alternatives – all you require is electric cable;
  • No maintenance;
  • Zoning so heat is “focused” exactly where you want it;
  • No red glow;
  • Lower consumption levels.





Infrared Power Heaters used in Equestrian Centre

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Increasing numbers of horse owners, equestrian schools, stables, barns and  cowsheds are discovering the benefits of providing infrared heat in these buildings. Horses grow to appreciate and seek their comfort as they are turned on due to the fact the heat feels completely natural and comfortable – identical to the feel of warm sunshine. The benefits includes the following;

• Provides gentle background warmth reducing the need to rug up
• Good for skin and coat condition, relaxes, calms and comforts
• No fumes or odours, totally silent with no glare

• Combats damp, mould and mildew

In a stable, barn or other large open interior space, infrared heaters are specifically made to produce safe, comfortable radiant heat. In a horse barn infrared heaters can be directed toward a wash and grooming area or down a common walkways or even above individual stalls.

See Lucky Meadows, Cork, testimonial for more details




Infrared Heating for Sports Centres

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Our commercial Infrared Heaters – Ceramicx IR’s are a popular choice when sourcing heating for sports centres, yoga studios etc.

The size of the room will depend on the wattages required to heat the room. The Comfort IR2 & 3 are wall mounted heaters. The Comfort IR360 is recommended for those high ceiling areas.

The fact that they are so easy to install and maintenance free is an added advantage to those who are renting their premise, if you need to move to a different location you can just plug out the heaters and take them with you!

Jan 2014


Infrared Heaters recommended for heating outdoors

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Our latest product Comfort IR can be used for heating outdoors. ie. garden areas, pub smoking areas.

They are functional and compact, Ceramics Infared heating units are now replacing out door Quartz heaters.

They are simple to install and offer a low cost and highly effective solution to those hard to heat areas in any commercial premises.

They are perfect outdoor heaters:

  • No glare from heaters
  • Heaters are discretely fitted
  • Lower running costs



Blackboard Infrared Heater

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Forgot to do buy something? New recipe? To-do list? With the Blackboard infrared heater Edition, you can use your Welltherm Infrared Heater to write down everything you want. Your radiator was never before so simple and practical. It is not just a heating panel. You may place it in your kitchen, office or restaurant and you can write on it your groceries list, notes, reminders, recipes, or anything else that comes in mind. Still heats your area but adds this extra feature to you in order to make your life easier and your room even more spacious. The blackboard edition is available in 6 sizes with or without frame just like the Standard Edition.




Heating for garages

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Enitek is an energy saving Infrared heating company providing a full range of affordable energy saving heating for garages.

Ceramicx infrared heaters are suitable for large open areas such as reception areas, showrooms etc.

The are both energy efficient and economical to install.

We provided a heat perfect solution for Garage forecourt by installing infrared heaters in Kearys Garage, Midleton, Cork


New Austroheat picture heating panels

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New Infrared picture heating panel on the market by Austroheat

PICTURE heating panels combine efficiency and comfort with stylish, eye-catching printed designs. Mundane and space consuming radiators become a thing of the past with wall mounted picture panels, just like traditional pictures. These heating panels will not only heat your rooms but can also serve as aesthetic pieces of art for your home.

Choose any design from our range of standard motifs, or provide your own picture or photo for printing.