Ceramicx Domestic

Comfort IR-1 Diagram

Infrared Wall Mounted Heaters

( ceramic elements )

ComfortIR 2 – ComfortIR 3 

The ComfortIR consists of 2 or 3 highly emissive ceramic heating elements mounted in a directional, reflective unit. It is designed to gently warm people both indoors and in an outdoor covered area using the principles of infrared radiation. This type of radiation is a completely harmless part of the electromagnetic spectrum and contains no ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Infrared radiation is emitted from the hot surface of the ceramic heaters and warms the body directly without heating the air in between.

As soon as the heater is switched on the ceramic elements start to warm up and full operating temperature is achieved in less than 10 minutes. As the energy produced is all in the infrared region (not visible), there is no noticeable glow from the heater.


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