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Welltherme infrared heating solutions are an innovative and exciting form of electrical heating.

High on quality and style Welltherme offer a wide range of Infrared heaters to add a touch of class to your home.  Welltherm’s Infrared heating panels bring the warmth of the sun into your home.


Welltherme productsWelltherme Heating Panels

The invisible and soothing infrared waves produce heat similar to sunlight and maintain a confortable room temperature. The heat is absorbed by all fixed objects and reflected to other directions. By heating objects and not the air within, you feel the warmth within 5 minutes after activation.


1. Safe and Healthy Heating

Ideal for people who suffer from allergies or asthma

Infrared waves produce heat without drying the air out or re-circulating it. Therefore, no dust particles fly around which makes it suitable for allergies and breathing problems sufferers. Since it heats objects, your walls remain completely dry and mold growth is prevented. In addition, cold spots are reduced significantly.

2. Economical and Environmental Friendly Heating

Low consumption with no maintenance costs

  • Low purchase price combined with efficient use of electricity at reduced cost.
  • More economic than any other heating solution up to 80%
  • No need for boiler purchase and maintenance. Combined with green electricity, it heats completely CO2 -free.

3. Your taste determines the panel’s style

Designed and customized according to your preferences

Place Welltherm’s infrared heater into any living environment and emphasize your taste in interior design. 4 editions available:

  1. Standard: Black and white (matte and glossy) surface colors.
  2. Mirror: Perfect for bathroom or spa. Clear vision and warmth. The mirror does not fog up under high humidity level.
  3. Blackboard: Forgot to do buy something? Write it down on your infrared heater with the blackboard edition.
  4. Image: Photos from a great holiday? Photo Collage? Upload your image to our website and your photo will get you warm. Alternatively, select a design from our picture suggestions.

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