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What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Infrared Heaters

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Ceramicx Infrared Heaters for office and home use.

Ceramicx Infrared Heaters for office and home use.






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Ceramicx Infrared Heaters for office and home use.

Infrared Heaters for office and home use.




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Power heaters for your business

Infrared  heaters for your home



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  • "Here at Multyfarnham we have a Franciscan friary church dating from 1306.  In the 1970s the Blessed Sacrament Chapel was restored.. all stone.   It was really difficult to heat and so could only be used in the summer months.  Various methods of heating it were considered, but eventually the solution was found. We contacted ENITEK, and installed the infrared wall heaters.  We are so pleased.   Now we use the chapel each morning and evening.   The heaters an unobtrusive on the stone walls, and they give instant heat.   ENITEK gave very good guidelines on the number and position of the heaters.  We are really happy as we are now able to use the chapel in all seasons." –Fr Liam McCarthy, Ofm. Co. Meath          Sept15

  • "I recently purchased the Comfort IR3 wall mounted heater and I am really pleased with it. Very easy to install and delivers an instant and comfortable heat in our sunroom. It also looks well. I found Liz most helpful and anxious to ensure that the product was right for me. The whole experience was excellent and I highly recommend Liz and her product".   –Denis O'Callaghan, Rochestown, Cork.           Oct15

  • We would highly recommend the ComfortIR 3 Infrared Wall Mounted Heater from Enitek Ltd as a cost effective and efficient and fast way to heat any large room.  The heater is brilliant and we are so pleased with the result. With only a solid fuel stove to heat the large kitchen area, it was decided that a heater was necessary for the mornings, not just for the winter mornings but also for the Irish summer mornings! Lighting the stove and waiting for the room to heat wasn't feasible in the long run! Following a search for the right heater, we decided on Enitek who have perfectly solved the problem and it was a pleasure to be in contact with Liz who gave so much of her time to discuss the different options. We received the heater within 24 hours by courier and it couldn't have been easier to mount on the wall, leaving us with a very comfortably heated room. Thank you so much Liz and Enitek.   –Therese, An Clochar, Co. Galway.                           Sept 2015

  • "To have a restaurant with stone walls and high ceilings is an attractive setting but can come with one large disadvantage.  As fledgling owners, we were not in a position to invest in the installation of an oil or gas heating system and had to rely on our open fire and countless plug-in heaters, which needed to be running hours before we opened our doors. After speaking with Liz, we decided to purchase four ceramic heaters and were surprised with their immediate affect.  The once cold, damp, open room became transformed.  Instead of throwing money away lighting the fire first thing in the morning and having heaters running full belt all day, we now just have to switch on our heaters an hour before we open, and as the night progresses, we find we need to turn them off one by one. Their discretionary appearance make the diners believe that the heat must be coming from our fire, which is the focal point of the room. Enitek resolved our heating predicament and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone in a similar position."   –Gwen, The Steak House, Kinsale, Co. Cork.              Feb 2015

  • "We ordered heaters for our new business in March 2015 from Enitek. We decided to  purchase 2 ComfortIR 360 heaters for our parents / cafe area. The heaters are infrared and were the perfect solution for heating that particular area due to the high ceiling and open space. Liz was a pleasure to deal with and our heaters were delivered very quickly. I would highly recommend Enitek"   –Ryan, Lolo Playtown, Navan, Co. Meath, August 2015

  • "I am very happy with my purchase of five Ceramic Infrared IR3 – 1950 watts heaters from Enitek. I installed each one in bedrooms, they were hooked up to timers, thermostats and motion detectors. This resulted in each room heater only coming on during the programmed time, once the temperature is lower than set for each room and only if someone is in the room. Thus given each room instant heat only when required, given great overall energy saving.  Liz at Enitek gave a very fast, efficient and friendly service. Highly recommended" –Gerry Martyn, Co. Meath, March 2015

  • "I purchased a heater from Enitek some time ago for a bedroom that is vacated during the week and my daughter uses it for study purposes on occasion, I have turned of the under floor heating to this room and use the heater when the room is in use.  The best purchase ever as the heat is instant and cosy, would highly recommend it" –Angela O'Riordan, Cork, Jan 2015

  • "Hi Sean Kelly here Lucky Meadows Equestrian.  My business is training horses and people to ride horses. At my centre I needed to have a customer heating system for a large 20m x 12m x 15m area.  I had tried several other systems, gas heaters etc. which I found to be a cost challenge re the service I was trying to provide.  I got in touch with Enitek who provided me with one of their Infrared Heaters.  This has been a great success for me both on a heat and cost effective basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I welcome anyone to come see this heater at work if they are considering purchasing same." –Sean Kelly, Lucky Meadows, Cork, Jan 2015

  • "I would like to thank Enitek for a delightful experience in purchasing my new infrared heater. The process was easy and swift, and Liz was a pleasure to deal with, ensuring I got the right product size for my needs. The heater is for a converted playroom and I have found it to work very well in this room. The heat dispersed is comfortable for busy children and mum. Thanks Liz "   –Lisa Foran, Busy Mum, Dublin, Jan 2015

  • "I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a quick, pleasant and professional service. We have ordered Infrared heating elements for our Dojo sports centre and they work like a charm. Given the fact that the area is fairly large and poorly insulated we found that just two elements suffice and to be honest worked better than we expected. Delivery was hustle free and timely. The overall experience was flawless so much so that I even forgot to properly Thank You for the job well done." –Alex, Aikido Centre, Douglas St, Cork, Dec 2014

  • "We are delighted with the Ceramicx Comfort IR3 and Comfort IR360 as they suit the look of our showroom. We were worried that they could dominate the room but this couldn't have been further from the truth.  The heat they throw out is very quick and very reliable. We have had no trouble and they are set on timers which is ideal. We have been delighted with them in terms of performance and looks". –Kilian Finane, Finline Furniture, Long Mile Rd, Dublin

  • "The reception area of our hotel is open plan, we have always found this area very hard to heat. We recently replaced two inefficient electric storage radiators  by one Ceramicx Comfort IR3 Infrared Heaters from Enitek Ltd. We have been delighted with the result, the infrared heat is instantly available and when our customers enter our hotel they find it warm and cosy. These Infrared Heaters are compact, energy efficient and maintenance free, which ticks all the boxes!

    –David Ruttle, Manager, Watersedge Hotel, Cobh, Cork,   March 2014

  • “We have found the heating system supplied by Enitek to be a fast, efficient & cost effective way to heat our Showroom, with little or no disruption during the installation process”. “Visually the heaters have had no negative impact in our large glass Showroom.  Overall a great solution to our previous heating problems”.

    –Walter Brennan, General Manager, Keary Motors Ltd, Renault, Dacia & Hyundai Dealers, Feb 2014