Infrared Heating for your Home or Business

Infrared first came into vogue over 100 years ago through the use of Infrared suanas for health benefits. Infrared heating technology is not new and you could say it’s as old as the sun itself. Infrared heating feels the same as warm rays of sunshine on your body but without any harmful effects.

Unlike conventional systems infrared heating elements heat the walls, ceilings and furniture and not the air itself. Walls retain heat much longer than air and return warmth to the room. Thereby there is no circulation of the air and therefore no dust is raised. The deep penetrating heat of infrared makes for a pleasant cosy environment while also being highly energy efficient.

Infrared heating can offer great scope for energy efficiency in the planning of a new building or as a supplementary heating system in existing buildings.

Read on through the information available in the following downloads to see how infrared technology will be the perfect heat solution for your home or business.