Case Study

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Keary’s Renault Garage,

Co. Cork

The Premises: 500m2 Car Show Room in Midleton, Co. Cork.
Large open area with panoramic floor to ceiling glazing and 30 foot eaves height.

The Problem

Existing built in Heating System was a gas powered air ventilation system located in the ceiling of the show room. Hopelessly ineffective at producing an adequate heating environment for both customers and staff on the show room floor.

The Solution – Infrared Heaters

Enitek Ltd recommended a range of wall mounted compact Infrared heaters by Ceramicx which has proved to be a very effective solution. The Comfort IR3 1950 watt heaters were placed at 8 locations around the glass facade of the show room to produce a perfect heat effect for customers at the right level on the show room floor.



Comfort IR3 (White) 1950w by Ceramicx
Comfort IR3 x 9 units

Running Cost

Running Cost per unit = 40 cent per hour
Average daily use = 5 hours
Average daily running cost = 40c x 9 x 5 = €18
Total annual running cost = 200 days x €18 = €3,600


40% reduction on annual heating cost versus inefficient Gas heating system.